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  • Date published : 2018/04/21 17:24
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Why does the connection speed go slow or get disconnected even when I am at a location with coverage?

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Even if the device is in the coverage area, the connection speed will be influenced by its surrounding environment. Under these environment connection speed could either slow down or stop temporarily. In most cases it would resolve if you move to different area with better coverage. Below are some examples.
Underground, Indoor, or surrounded by buildings
Mobile phone signals could go through glass and wooden materials, but can not go through concrete and metal materials. Instead concrete and metal materials cause the signals to bounce. Mobile phone signals get weak as they go through and bounce through various materials.
Surrounded by tall buildings or being at a high place
Most cellular tower are located high up, being close to a tall building may interfere with connection and obstruct the signal. Also note that these signals are mostly aimed for lower level, and only limited amount are sent up high.
Being in crowded area
There are only limited amount of signal a cellular tower can handle, hence being in a populated area would be competing for signal which might cause your connection to go slow.
Being surrounded by buildings or using an equipment transmitting Electromagnetic waves
When radio waves and signals are near each other they collide which causes the signal to be either weak or unstable.
Being under FUP
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